Cast the First Stone

With the general election approximately 2 months away, it took an act of God (Gustav) to curtail what was gearing up to be another week of political punditry and partisanship. Now we are left with the Republican National Convention lite, when, only days before in the wake of the Rocky Mountain High of the Democratic National Convention, the GOP was ready for a Twin City brawl. Word started to slowly (as if that’s possible in the internet age) spread that the daughter of Governer Palin is 5 months pregnant (guess abstinance is only as affective as the actual abstinance) forcing the Veep nominee to release a public statement regarding what should be a personal family matter. It’s really a shame that people take politics and religion so personally, because there’s no way to actually have a civil debate without name callling and proverberal eye gouging. I don’t have anything personal against Governer Palin, I just don’t like the look the forms in the eyes of self-righteous zealots when they disagree with you and firmly believe that their god would view you as a sinner. Let’s hope that all of the talking heads in the media focus on the issues and candidates on hand and leave the Family Matters to the Urkels and the TGI Fridays of the world.

Things to do in Denver….

So far, I don’t know what to think about the news coverage of the DNC. I flipped between FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC. Fox News seemed to be outwardly pro-Republican and extremely critical, while CNN and MSNBC seen be overly critical because they didn’t want to appear biased. Aside from Jack Cafferty (who is clearly pro-Democrat and anti-Republican), the rest of the talking heads are going out of their way to appear objective, and in doing so, they each come across as disingenuous. I can’t wait until all of the pomp and circumstance of each party’s convention is complete and we get back to the actual issues.