Back in the Saddle Again

I’m writing again. Those three words mean more than I could posibbly believe. Ever since the day I sat in my room in 1997 and wrote the opening lines of what I still hope will be my first novel. It seemed easy. I had the story idea, and the focus to write. I knew the beginning, middle, and end. Of course, now, almost nine years and 400 hundred some-odd pages, it’s all the stuff in between that keeps me from completing this endeavor. Now that I am a father again (another daughter, what bliss), I have that burning desire to write again, and the cornucopia of ideas running through my mind, fighting to make their way to the digital page. (My Toshiba Tablet PC is the best writing tool ever!!!!)

Winter Wonderland

My family and I have lived in Jacksonville for a little over 2 years now. When I look through photos of the recent blizzard in the the northeast, I silently wonder if my daughters will ever have fond memories of playing in the snow…
of waking up to discover that the schools are closed…….afternoons of snowballs and snowmen. Nights of hot chocolate and fireplaces. I know I’m idealizing the memories, glossing over the realities of shoveling through the ice and slush with fingers on the verge of frostbite. But how will they ever have the joy of getting a little bit misty when they here Nat King Cole croon The Christmas Song or they hear the whimisical piano intro to Winter Wonderland. Ah…but a winter without a shovel is a joy forever. Posted by Picasa