And Baby Makes Four

When it comes to childbirth, the movies and TV are full of lies. In fiction, the mother’s water breaks, and the baby is born in the back of a cab, on an elevator, in an apartment, long before the ambulance arrives and typically before the final commercial. In real life, it takes much longer. My wife’s water broke at about 12 noon today. It is now a little after 10 PM and we’re still waiting for the little bundle of joy to make her grand appearance.

Our first child didn’t show up until a little under 36 hours of labor. I pray to all things chiropractic that our next little girl doesn’t take anywhere near that long–unless I want to spend the next 18 years sleeping on the couch. We’re almost a third of the way there, so I may be in trouble.

10:15 PM EST

2 thoughts on “And Baby Makes Four

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